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Provably Fair

Provably Fair makes it possible for Bitcoin dice sites to show that they’re not cheating. Here’s a technical clarification of the actual process.

1. The Client first starts a new game round in order to get a Server Hash from the Game Server.

2. The casino generates a random server number and server salt.

3. The server assigns a game round id and replies with a SHA256 hash from the server number and server salt.

4. The player can use a pre-generated client number that the game client provides for you. When you click Roll Dice, the number in the client number area is now sent to the casino, together with bet details such as bet amount and the “Roll Under To Win”.

5. The house now uses the client number and server number into a resulting number.

6. The server number, resulting number and server salt are sent to the player. The player now can check that the server number and server salt are hashing in the same way as in the third step. The casino player can also verify that the resulting number is producing the correct outcome of the game round.

The provably fair system above is the one used by Satoshi Dice. Other Bitcoin dice sites like Primedice use slight variations of the same system.

Bitcoin and Anonymity

zorroThe entire concept of crypto-currencies is profoundly polarizing. Most people have grown up with a strong intuitive notion that currency should only be controlled by national governments. No one but the Treasury Department of the United States has the right to directly create additional money, for example. Huge teams of people are out there working to track down and punish anyone else who tries. In that context, it’s natural that many people would react with a certain amount of suspicion to the idea of currency existing outside of national control. A closely related, and equally polarizing, issue is the anonymity that the platforms offer. Continue reading

Why Does Bitcoin Needs its Blockchain?

blockchain-wallet-graphicOne of the things that has made people extremely excited about the idea of crypto-currencies is that they can be simultaneously anonymous and secure. Through the use of math and computer protocols, the people who came up with these systems managed to construct a means by which people could exchange wealth without needing to reveal who they are and yet still be certain that the exchanges are valid. For example, even though a Bitcoin does not have a physical presence in the world, they needed to make sure that someone wouldn’t be able to make perfect digital copies of it and spend the same one repeatedly. This is where the blockchain come into the picture. Continue reading

Vera John offers everything a gamer could want

verajohn21When you are looking for a website to get the full Vegas experience, you need to look no further than Vera John. The website offers up a number of different games to the point that anyone looking for a particular game will be able to give you exactly what you want to play. The website has a number of different ways in which you can play, and they are all setup to give you a taste for free. In fact, after joining you can play all of the games for free for a while, with the promise that if you want to go with the really high stakes offerings you are going to eventually want to deposit your own money. Continue reading